Avatar Creation

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This page is designed to be a central point for avatar creation resources and information. Guides, tutorials, information and other resources should be posted here.

This page should mostly contain links and small pieces of information about what is in the link rather than any detail. Obviously it'll be focused on VRChat but there's going to be a lot of overlap.

Getting Started

<<Basics go here; tools, how the general flow works, what games this is suitable for>>

  • Avatar Creation Process - Outlines the general process, from idea to walking around in VRChat with your uploaded creation.
  • Avatar_Optimization - A fairly detailed guide to optimizing an avatar. Explains mostly what to do.
  • ChilloutVR - CVR specific items that help with converting or making content like props or magicacloth items.


<Blender processes, pls sort if add>

Blender - General starting guide to blender


<<Links to Unity help content>>

Unity - General Unity process guide

Other Resources

<<Free only! While people share (it is caring), it shouldn't be promoted for obvious reasons.>>