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Welcome to The Hitchhiker's Guide to VR. Bring a towel.

VRWiki is a central location for collecting knowledge about VR equipment and content, with an emphasis on content creation.

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Newbie Guides


Useful Tools

  • XS Overlay - Movable in-game desktop panes, a wristwatch, and more
  • OVR Toolkit - The shittier alternative to XSOverlay, with poorer performance, UI, and stability.
  • Stoplight - Shows you how tangled up your cord is (this is available in SteamVR now).
  • OpenVR Advanced Settings - Provides power-user access to lots of SteamVR settings, and includes the powerful Playspace Mover utility.


Social Games

Name Supports Price Notes
VRChat Free+ Currently the largest social VR game.
NEOS Free Shitcoins. Shitcoins all the way down. (Also furries and lawsuits.)
ChilloutVR Free+ Early access, small community.
Resonite Free NEOS remade by the same dev team, but without the shitcoins.
Lavender FreeDead VERY early access, dead community, aimless developer. Actually dead.


Name Supports Price Notes
Pavlov $24.99 Third-party CS:GO built from the ground up for VR. Massively popular.
Contractors $19.99 Multiplayer team-based shooter. Be an OPERATOR (with quest-grade graphics).
Payday 2 VR $9.99+DLC 4-player co-op heist simulator. Lots of DLC. VR requires a "mod".
Vox Machinae $24.99 Multiplayer mecha masher.
Name Supports Price Notes
Half-Life Alyx $59.99 Full-length game that makes heavy use of finger tracking. Graphically-intensive.
SUPERHOT $59.99 Abstract shooter with time dickery: Time moves when you do.
BONEWORKS $29.99 Physics puzzle shooter where you get stuck in a simulation or something.
BONELAB $39.99 Sequel to BONEWORKS. Kinda. More of an engine demo than anything.
Vertigo 2 $29.99 Sequel to Vertigo 1. Excellent science-fiction shooter. Decently long game with creative locations, enemies and weapons.

Rhythm Games

Name Supports Price Notes
Beat Saber $29.99 Slice up boxes while dodging shit, to music. Most popular.


Name Supports Price Notes
Ghost Hunters Corp $17.99 Ghost hunting, but you also have to purge the ghost. Still catching up to Phasmo.