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VRCLens is an advanced camera filter system for VRChat, created by hirabiki on Booth. It's relatively cheap, at ¥1,200, but provides a wide variety of options.

Adding to your avatar

There are installation instructions on a Google Doc, but they're a bit awkward with their English, and the pictures are useless.

  1. Drag the UnityPackage into the root of your assets. DO NOT CHANGE WHERE THEY ARE STORED. There are hardcoded paths that will break shit if you move it around.
  2. Once Unity finishes importing stuff, save and restart Unity.
  3. Drag the VRCLens prefab from Hirabiki/VRCLens/Prefabs to your scene's root. Do NOT stick it inside of an avatar.
  4. Select the VRCLens prefab in your scene.
  5. In the inspector, under the Settings heading, choose the control mode you want to use.
    • If you are a disgusting desktopper, use Desktop.
    • If you use VR and are right-handed, use VR Right Hand.
    • Selecting Handedness
      If you're a glorious southpaw, use VR Left Hand.
  6. In the inspector, under Settings, drag the avatar you want to add VRCLens to, to the Target Avatar field.
  7. Set Settings > Max Blur Size to whatever your graphics card can support.
  8. You should see three manipulator gadgets floating around the scene. DO NOT REPARENT THEM IN THE NODE GRAPH.
    • A white bar, which I'll call the Eye Bar. It should be positioned over your pupils, with the center directly on your nose.
    • The camera. It should be positioned over the proximal (first) bone of your middle finger.
    • A blue/green bar with a white tip, called the Stylus. It should be positioned over your index finger's distal (last) bone on the opposite hand from the camera.
  9. Enable/disable Parameter Usage Settings and Default Camera Settings to taste.
  10. Set Target Menu to where you want the VRCLens button to be added, or leave it blank if you don't have a menu added.
  11. Press Apply VRCLens to install VRCLens to your avatar.

You should now be ready to upload.