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I am the owner and operator of VRWiki, as well as the wiki farm it runs on.

VRWiki is a side project of mine, and was created long before I was hired at Alpha Blend Interactive, my current employer. ABI and VRWiki are not affiliated or partnered in any way., and ABI does not regulate, approve, filter, or condone materials posted here.

Please yell at me using the contact information below if something implodes or otherwise needs fixed.

A Word About ChilloutVR

Warning: I now work for Alpha Blend Interactive on ChilloutVR. This causes me some problems RE: this wiki.

I started this wiki in January of 2020, as a way for friends to gather and organize information on certain VR-related topics, with an emphasis on content creation.

Two years later, in November of 2022, I was hired by Alpha Blend Interactive to work on their own VR title, ChilloutVR. While I love the job, I feel that my job brings a conflict of interest with this wiki, which means I must be very selective in what I do and say on this site. Not only am I under a non-disclosure agreement restricting what I can reveal regarding internal structures to the general public, but I am also representing the company and game now. While I'm sure my coworkers would not have a problem with me updating this site, I do not feel comfortable doing so, at least on CVR and other MMOVWP topics. (We want to try and maintain healthy relationships with our competitors, for a number of reasons that, while not a deadly secret, I won't go into here for brevity.)

Therefore, I will no longer be updating ChilloutVR, NEOS VR, VRChat, Helios, and other MMOVWP pages, beyond cleaning up vandalism and seeding pages with basic information.

Also, since I am under a non-disclosure agreement with Alpha Blend Interactive and ChilloutVR: Please do not ask me questions about game internals, upcoming features, moderation issues, internal company structures, or stability issues or I will be unable to respond to you.

Should anyone need help editing these pages, please contact me.

Why are you not in VRChat anymore?!

My work often involves reverse engineering software, so I generally have at least three applications with kernel-level access running at all times. This is so I can see what programs are doing at runtime, such as what files they open or what registry keys they access. A great example is Microsoft's SysInternals Suite, which I use in this old blogpost to check whether MelonLoader was doing nefarious things or not. I also have Process Hacker, a provocatively-named but benign open-source Task Manager replacement running at all times to monitor system load. Process Hacker installs kernel-level drivers to show what SYSTEM-level services and applications are doing, with the same level of detail (if not more) as SysInternals.

When EAC was introduced, I realized I could no longer play VRChat, as I have played other games with EAC and they would refuse to open if I even had Process Hacker open, due to the hooks it automatically installed into open applications. I also decided I could not comply with the ToS, and uninstalled the game in accordance with the Terms.

I can be found in ChilloutVR these days.

Then I got hired by CVR and things got doubly awkward.


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VR Games

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VRChat Lexicus I no longer use VRChat. See explanation above.
ChilloutVR N3X15 Please touch base before sending a friend request. I usually discard random friend adds after 24h due to traffic.