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Kiwi Designs V2 Pulley System

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Kiwi Design PRO Pulley System
Cable Management

This pulley system is cheap, quiet, and keeps you from stepping on your cable by suspending it in the air. Stepping on cables often results in premature failure, which is catastrophic on headsets such as the Valve Index where the cable is part of the headset.

The downside is that you will choke yourself on it, it increases the tangle factor, and it requires drilling holes in your ceiling.


  • Do NOT use the adhesive pads, unless you like ripping chunks of paint/drywall out. Use the provided hooks and drywall anchors.
  • Use the triangular pattern mentioned in the manual if you have a larger playarea.
  • You don't have to use all the pulleys, just enough to keep your cord off the floor and leave you enough play to move to every corner of your play area.


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Marketing Material

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Install Examples

Youtube Overview