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Dynamic Bones

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Warning: This page is a work in progress. Expect frequent changes. Just bought the actual asset, tut soon.


Although pirated versions of DB are floating around, they will not be linked here.


  1. Select the bone in the armature that is the base of your dynamic bone structure
    • Example: For my Eggman avatar, the mustache is attached to the head, so I use the head, although each bottom mustache bone would also work.
  2. Select Add Component
  3. Select Dynamic Bone from list
  4. Drag bone from scene into Root Node box
  5. Tweak everything else to taste.



Dampening is how slow a bone will be while trying to get back to its original position.


Elasticity is how much a force is applied to a bone to get it back to its original position.


Stiffness is how much of your Dampening and Elasticity values are ignored.

Stiffness can cause your bones to stutter when you transform (walking), if this is the case you should set stiffness to 0.0 and try to balance out Dampening and Elasticity for smoother bone movement.


Inert is how much a bone will freely move will you transform (walking).


curves is how a value you set is applied your entire chain of bones where y is the value you set multiplied by y, and x is what bone it is so 0 is your first bone and 5 is ur 4th bone

ex: i have a downwards slope starting from 1 that reaches zero when x is 5 on dampening and the value i set on dampening is 0.5

starting from (0,1/top of the graph) the first bone will have 0.5 and as the graph continues, the middle bone will have half of 0.5 dampening applied to it you do not have to use graphs on everything but its a way of fine tuning


Exactly how it sounds, it can be set in any direction.


Similar to gravity, but it's a constant force in any direction.


Basically they are hitbox that pushes around dynamic bones


Radius is how big the hitbox is


the direction is what direction your pill hitbox will point

the more colliders you have set the more calculations your pc has to go through to determine when the bone lands, and its always checking if its being hit regardless of how far the collider is

Be mindful of how many collision checks your model is causing as more bones and colliders means more of a performance cost.