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Avatar 3.0/Eye Tracking

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TODO: This needs information on 2D eyes for the animes
Note: YMMV, written on Aug 8th, 2020 when avatar 3 first was released.

Eye-tracking has changed significantly in Avatar 3.0, and should be fairly easy to implement for avatars with bone-driven eyes

Bone-based Eye Tracking

  1. Open your avatar's root node in the scene graph to the left side of the screen.
  2. In the Avatar Descriptor, expand the Eye Look panel.
  3. Enable.
  4. Expand the Transforms subpanel.
  5. Drag your left eye bone from the scene graph to the Left Eye Bone box.
  6. Do the same for your right eye.
  7. Expand the Rotation States subpanel
  8. Now start working on your rotation states:

Rotation States

Rotation states define the minimum and maximum amount of rotation each eye has before it stops. This will keep your eyes from rolling back in your head (or clipping through your face in certain configurations). Each box defines an axis of rotation (for Euler rotations).

For an example, for looking up:

  1. Click on the first box (X) as though you're going to edit it.
  2. Click the Preview button.
  3. Rotate your eyes to the desired maximum angle.
  4. Go through each box and hit enter to ensure the value is remembered.
  5. Hit the Return button.

Looking forwards will usually be 0, 0, 0, so usually won't need to be changed.