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3D Doll Creators

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Warning: These games often have NSFW content.

These are games that have a high amount of customization for characters, and permit you to grab models that can be used in VRChat, Lavender, etc.

They are also often degenerate things like dating/brothel sims, so hold your nose.

Pirated versions will not be linked here.

Note: It is recommended to get pre-packed versions, since they include bugfixes and QoL tweaks.


Name Studio Description Price
Koikatsu Illusion Light dating sim. Most popular for VRChat avatar generation.


Custom Maid 3D KISS Maid management sim. Second most popular for VRChat avatar generation. Not for sale (discontinued).
Custom Maid 3D 2 KISS Same, pretty much. "
Custom Order Maid 3D2 KISS An updated version now available on Steam. Unknown support for exporting models.