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I run the wiki server.

Please yell at me if something implodes or otherwise needs fixed.

Warning: I work for Alpha Blend Interactive on ChilloutVR. I may no longer be able to update articles on that topic, and there is a conflict of interest.



I am working on ChilloutVR with Alpha Blend Interactive and am under a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Please do not ask me questions about game internals, upcoming features, moderation issues, internal company structures, or stability issues or I will be unable to respond to you.

Social Networking

Account Names
S/N Account
Discord N3X15#7475
Twitter @N3X15
Twitch n3x15

VR Games

Account Names
Game Username Notes
VRChat Lexicus I no longer use VRChat. See explanation below.
ChilloutVR N3X15

Regarding VRChat

My work often involves reverse engineering software, so I generally have at least three applications with kernel-level access running at all times. This is so I can see what programs are doing at runtime, such as what files they open or what registry keys they access. A great example is Microsoft's SysInternals Suite, which I use in this old blogpost to check whether MelonLoader was doing nefarious things or not. I also have Process Hacker, a provocatively-named but benign open-source Task Manager replacement running at all times to monitor system load. Process Hacker installs kernel-level drivers to show what SYSTEM-level services and applications are doing, with the same level of detail (if not more) as SysInternals.

When EAC was introduced, I realized I could no longer play VRChat, as I have played other games with EAC and they would refuse to open if I even had Process Hacker open, due to the hooks it automatically installed into open applications. I also decided I could not comply with the ToS, and uninstalled the game in accordance with the Terms.

I can be found in ChilloutVR these days.