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Welcome to The Hitchhiker's Guide to VR. Bring a towel.

Right now this mostly catalogues my own experiences, but it's a wiki, so feel free to chip in.

Note that MediaWiki can shit itself if you use an adblocker, so turn yours off if you run into issues. I don't do ads, although I may run self-hosted Matomo for stats in the future.

Newbie Guides


Useful Tools

  • XS Overlay - Movable in-game desktop panes, a wristwatch, and more
  • OVR Toolkit - The shittier alternative to XSOverlay, with poorer performance, UI, and stability.
  • Stoplight - Shows you how tangled up your cord is (this is available in SteamVR now).
  • OpenVR Advanced Settings - Provides power-user access to lots of SteamVR settings, and includes the powerful Playspace Mover utility.


Social Games

Name Supports Price Notes
VRChat Free+ Currently the largest social VR game. Not well-designed or well-implemented. Community fleeing due to addition of EAC.
NEOS Free Lots of cool features, confusing UI and an absolute lack of documentation. Also furries and shitcoinslol that burned good.
ChilloutVR Free+ Early access, exploding community.
Lavender FreeDead VERY early access, dead community, aimless developer. Actually dead.


Name Supports Price Notes
Pavlov $24.99 Third-party CS:GO built from the ground up for VR. Massively popular.
Contractors $19.99 Multiplayer team-based shooter. Be an OPERATOR (with quest-grade graphics).
Payday 2 VR $9.99+DLC 4-player co-op heist simulator. Lots of DLC. VR requires a "mod".
Vox Machinae $24.99 Multiplayer mecha masher.
Name Supports Price Notes
Half-Life Alyx $59.99 Full-length game that makes heavy use of finger tracking. Graphically-intensive.
SUPERHOT $59.99 Abstract shooter with time dickery: Time moves when you do.
BONEWORKS $29.99 Physics puzzle shooter where you get stuck in a simulation or something.
BONELAB $39.99 Sequel to BONEWORKS. Kinda. More of an engine demo than anything.

Rhythm Games

Name Supports Price Notes
Beat Saber $29.99 Slice up boxes while dodging shit, to music. Most popular.


Name Supports Price Notes
Ghost Hunters Corp $17.99 Ghost hunting, but you also have to purge the ghost. Still catching up to Phasmo.